Weird fictions. Strange places. Lesbian vampires.

The Sinister Insult are:

Martin Jones: ungodly concepts, sonic detritus, freak wrangling.

Oliver Tomlinson: guitars, conceptual deviancy, fancy t-shirts.

Anthony Fielding: aural alchemy, legal advice, reasonable suggestions.

Rik Rawling: art, design, unreasonable demands.

The Sinister Insult was founded in winter 2008 by musician Anthony Fielding and writer Martin Jones with the intention of harnessing guitarist Oliver Tomlinson’s home-recorded loops. After the creation of a few songs, a deeper purpose was discovered within the pages of artist/writer Rik Rawling’s unpublished true crime manuscript The Hangman’s Breakfast. The eerie story of  ‘Who put Bella in the Wych-Elm‘ spoke directly to TSI’s hunger for all chill things across fair Albion, and also planted the seeds for a direction forward, utilising field trips, recordings, photography, music, film and text. And so The Sinister Insult now choose to exist in an England made up of forgotten murders, silent woods, dust-choked schoolhouses and cold mansions. Come with us as the sun sets a primal red and the voluptuous figures of female vampires dance high atop the hill…

Ghost of a Hurt, the first Sinister Insult project, is now available. The second Sinister Insult project – concerning madness and murder in 1970s London – is ongoing during 2010-11. In the meantime, there are other releases planned, amongst them a spoken word CD and the debut recording by TSI’s sister band, Kathy Crowned From Blood…

TO CONTACT US PLEASE EMAIL: thesinisterinsult@hotmail.co.uk


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