Mr Brown

These artworks were created by a man known as ‘Mr Brown’. He was a teacher at a secondary school in the north of England with a history of depression but nothing in his behaviour ever suggested he might pose a threat to anyone. Except of course for the models and drawings he’d been creating in his spare time.

One day he left work early complaining of headaches and went home. When he failed to turn up at work the next day calls were made to his home. No-one was answering. When they finally broke the door down they found Mr Brown’s wife and children bluedgeoned to death and the man himself had committed suicide.

The walls in one room were covered with paint-by-numbers pages that had been completed with a deliberate disregard for the colour coding, producing what one witness described as “nightmarish results.” Never mind the bodies and blood everywhere, it was these products of Mr Brown’s imagination that had made the most significant impact.

Mr Brown makes The Chapman Brothers look like the safe and predictable middle-class entertainers that they are. They stand way back from the abyss and gesture vaguely in its direction, whereas Mr Brown leapt headlong into it.


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