In at the Deep End

Jerzy Skolimowski’s Deep End is a key cinematic touchstone for The Sinister Insult. Delving down, down, down into the murky depths of psychosexual obssession, it features a berserker performance from Diana Dors as a perverted middle-aged woman, and captures a now-faded England of decrepit Victorian swimming baths and narcoleptic suburbs, beneath which a dark psychosexual swamp is festering. Along with it’s incredible depiction of Soho’s sordid heyday, the primary source of our interest in Deep End is the performance of a young Jane Asher: a Symbolist “soul” drifting with Ballardesque affectlessness through a miasma of unrequited longing. Until recently it was believed that all surviving copies of the original film were in the private collection of Gerald Scarfe, brought out only in those moments when Asher was off filming… but now this unique and important work (more important in the TSI world than, say, A Clockwork Orange or Performance) is rumoured to be in line for the obligatory restoration and re-release some time in the near future. Highly recommended.


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