Ghost Of A Hurt

Some trees obviously – it’s very strange and marked – seem to prefer the human.
Algernon Blackwood, The Man Whom The Trees Loved

Ghost Of A Hurt is the first release by The Sinister Insult. Inspired by a 60 year-old mystery, it’s the soundtrack for a film that need never be made, because no single interpretation could do justice to the strange and haunting story of who put Bella in the Wych elm. A story that involves murder, witchcraft, Nazis, voices from beyond the grave and rituals in the dark. It’s presented as a multi-media package that includes:

1 x CD: 6 tracks of instrumental sorcery.

1 x booklet: containing the full text of ‘Ghost Of A Hurt’, a chapter from Rik Rawling’s unpublished true crime magnum opus The Hangman’s Breakfast.

Photographic prints of scenes from The Hagley Working, where The Sinister Insult made field recordings on Wychbury Hill and within Hagley Wood (sampled on the album).

Found materials of a paper-based nature.

All captured within a DVD-case with full-colour wraparound cover designed by Rik Rawling featuring his painting ‘Ghost Of A Hurt’.

Price: £10 (UK). £14 (International) .

Hesitate no longer, as this is a limited edition release.


2 Responses to “Ghost Of A Hurt”

  1. Is this release still available?

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